Total Gym Xtreme Review: Read Before You Buy

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For a long time, I’ve been analyzing Total Gyms. They’ve been around for a few decades, and throughout the whole time, they’ve introduced plenty of different models. Each model varies significantly in terms of resistance levels and attachments offered, but they all perform on the same general principle. It also has a terrific design. Total … Read more

Best Total Gym Reviews in 2022 With Compression Table

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All the home gym equipment’s from Total Gym brand are great, handy and unique in their own way. All of them have their own unique features and accessories to make the user’s workout sessions more and more effective. That’s why choosing one particular model among all the Total Gym products is never easy. So here … Read more

Total Gym 2000 Review: Should You Go For This?

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Total Gym 2000 is a basic home Gym equipment that has gained a number of positive reviews from users. It is enriched with such advancements to improve your home gym workout session performance. The most important thing is that it allows a wide range of exercise with it’s upgraded attachments.    Any beginner from any fitness … Read more

Total Gym 1900 Review: Everything You Need To Know!

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Total Gym 1900 is a basic workout training equipment that has a lot of amazing features. It is the most advanced beginner workout instrument that has all the necessary diverse workout options with unique and upgraded attachments and bars. A beginner from different levels of fitness and age can have a professional home gym session … Read more

Total Gym 1400 Review: Is It Worth Purchasing?

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People who do not have enough free time, often wonder how to start their own workout session at home. Well! That’s pretty easy. You can start your own gym at home anytime, but here comes a little problem. You will need effective gym equipment.  Equipment that is budget-friendly, effective with various features and comfortable at … Read more