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Hello everyone! This is Elvis, founder of this website. I love to call myself a fitness freak as I always was obsessed with workout sessions and building my body. My interest in fitness grew when I was a young teenager. Eventually it became my passion. This passion drove into going to the gym and I discovered myself working out hard in our local gym. Eventually I fell in love with fitness training and wanted to pursue it as a career. So I did 2 courses from udemy and learned a lot about how to do better as a fitness trainer. Now I am working as a local fitness trainer in Houston, Texas.

I also learned a lot about gym equipment of different brands. I want to share my knowledge and skills with people, that’s why I decided to launch this website to serve all the fitness enthusiasts out there by sharing features about different gym equipment and by sharing my insights.

About TheFitnessView.com

Choosing the right fitness equipment for the right purpose is one of the most difficult part of life. Lot’s of people want to buy the best equipment for their healthy life but they can’t decide which one should they buy. And “The Fitness View” is founded for this reason.

So, looking for any fitness equipment at an affordable price and confused? Then “The Fitness View” is here to provide you the best suggestion.

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If you want to buy the best for you follow “The Fitness View” now to get the honest reviews and information. And if you have any queries or need any kind of suggestion, then do not hesitate to contact with me.

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