Best Total Gym Reviews in 2022 With Compression Table

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All the home gym equipment’s from Total Gym brand are great, handy and unique in their own way. All of them have their own unique features and accessories to make the user’s workout sessions more and more effective. That’s why choosing one particular model among all the Total Gym products is never easy.

So here we are to help you identify which product of Total Gym will serve your purpose to the fullest. We will gonna have a comparative look at some main brands of Total Gym. we will gonna discuss their features and compare them with other models.

We hope that this discussion will help you a lot to find which model will serve your purpose properly.

Best Total Gym Reviews in 2022

Best Total Gym Reviews

1. Total Gym Apex G1: Best Total Gym Model on a Budget


  • Dimensions Unfolded:
  • Dimensions Folded:
  • Weight of the Equipment:
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Number of Exercises:
  • Level of resistance:
  • Warranty:

If anyone asks me to suggest the best total gym product, I will ask him his priority first. If he/she doesn’t have a particular preference but effective facilities, then I will ask about his budget. If his budget is not that big then that person should go for Total Gym Apex G1. [Read More: Total Gym Apex G1 Review]

The Apex G1 would be a great option for anyone with a shorter budget. Despite being a cheaper model it still offers all the effective workout facilities. This is the best total gym for home use.

Total gym introduced their Apex G series with this handy equipment. It offers 60 exercises that are effective for a full-body workout. Upgraded models like G3 and G5 offer a wider range of exercises, but their price is also very high. Plus, 60 exercises are enough for a beginner who wants to maintain good health apart from heavy bodybuilding.

Why Total Gym Apex G1?

We have chosen Total Gym Apex G1 for the budget-friendliness issue. Despite being a primary model of total gym, this model proves to be a great gym partner. Let’s have a look at why Total Gym Apex G1 is best.

  • Total Gym Apex G1 is budget gym equipment. It would be a perfect option for a beginner of any fitness level who has a tight budget.
  • Apex G1 is enriched with all the necessary attachments to provide you with an effective gym session. It features handy wing attachments and leg pull accessories.
  • It provides a user to perform 60 exercises which is more than enough for a workout session of a beginner.
  • This equipment is also the best fit for overweighed people. It is capable of taking a load upto 300lbs.
  • G1 comes fully assembled. So, a user doesn’t need to face the hassle of setting it up.

Pros & Cons of Total Gym Apex G1

What I Like:

  • Budget friendliness
  • 6 effective levels of resistance
  • The versatility of 60 different exercises
  • Easy assemble process
  • Space saver equipment as it is foldable
  • Capable of taking a load of 300lbs

What I Don’t Like:

  • Unavailability of extra attachments, like squat stand
  • The relatively shorter warranty period

2. Total Gym XLS: Best Total Gym Model regarding Facilities


  • Dimensions Unfolded: 19” W x 90” L x 43” H
  • Dimensions Folded: 19” W x 51” L x 9” H
  • Weight of the Equipment: 92lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
  • Number of Exercises: 80
  • Level of resistance: 6
  • Warranty: 6 months warranty of all parts, it also gives warranty of lifetime on frame

If you are looking for advanced-level gym equipment, then you have to go for upgraded versions. There are a number of upgraded versions of total gym. Among all the upgraded versions we have selected a particular version that beats other versions in terms of advancement.

Considering modern facilities, wings & attachments, ability to provide proper support and balance we have voted for Total Gym XLS as the best total gym product. Total Gym XLS is our best pick regarding most advanced facilities and upgraded options. [Read More: Total Gym XLS Review]

Whenever you compare the Total Gym XLS to other models of Total Gym, you will find out why this is regarded as best. This particular model beats all other models in every aspect. The overall quality of the product is also undeniably great.

Why Total Gym XLS?

There has to be a reason why we think it is best, right? I guess you all are wondering what do we see in XLS that no other models of total gym have. Well! We will gonna discuss a few key features below:

  • Total Gym has a super sturdy body that no other models of total gym have. The main body is made of solid steel and is chrome plated. This body is surely durably built to last longer than other models. Plus, the body also looks elegant with a sleek design
  • The glide board of this machine is very good-looking and is made of durable covering and top-notch foam padding. The wheels underneath it rolls smoothly on the rails. Also, the board is very comfortable for anyone of any age and fitness level. The comfort of the glideboard protects the user from unwanted injury, muscle pull and sore muscle
  • The best part of Total Gym XLS is that it is enriched with a number of amazing accessories that is required to have a complete full-body workout. These top-notch accessories are ready to give you amazing workout experience. These accessories are: Wing attachment, Leg pulley, Squat Stand, Exercise Chart, Nutrition Chart, User Manual

Pros & Cons of Total Gym XLS

The pros and cons of total gym XLS are described as below.

What I Like:

  • Every part of this equipment is made of high-quality parts and objects. The steel rails, glideborad, bench, pulleys and mainframe are made of quality goods.
  • The equipment is made of a nice and sleek design. Also, the bench is made to ensure total comfort which minimizes the risk of injury.
  • The equipment is made of number of necessary accessories. This wide range of accessories provides the ultimate experience of full-body workout session.
  • Not only accessories, Total Gym XLS include necessary exercise chart, nutrition charts and a handy user manual. They also provide necessary CDs & DVDs along with the product.

What I Don’t Like:

  • Total Gym XLS is a bit of expensive than other models of total gym brand. This product will make you spend a big amount of money to purchase.
  • Total Gym XLS has only 6 resistance levels. This amount of resistance level is relatively lower than other models of the same brand.

3. Total Gym Apex G5: Best Total Gym According to our Research


  • Dimension:
  • Material: Steel (frame)
  • Weight:
  • Weight capacity: 345 lbs
  • Resistance level: 10
  • Exercises: 80+
  • Warranty: 12 months
Total Gym Apex G5 Review

Each and every total gym equipment are unique and effective in their own way. So, choosing one particular model as best would be so tough. But the purpose of this article is to let you know which model of total gym is best.

As I mentioned above, to determine a particular model as best, you have to consider a few features and compare different models according to them. So, after an overall comparison, we have selected one specific model as the best total gym equipment, which is Total Gym Apex G5. [Read More: Total Gym Apex G5 Review]

Why is Total Gym Apex G5 Best?

I know you all are wondering, among all other models of total gym, why we chose Apex G5, right? Well! we are gonna discuss why we think Total Gym Apex G5 is best.

  • First of all, the Apex G5 has a reasonable price tag. Within this budget-friendly price, you will get to enjoy an effective full-body workout session.
  • Despite being a cheaper model, the Apex G5 has the highest level of resistance than other models of total gym. This model comes with 10 resistance levels that are more than enough within its price.
  • The equipment is made of top-notch materials. The frame itself is made of solid steel. The frame also features a chrome-plated design.
  • The glideboard is made of high-quality foam and has a quality covering on it. This provides total comfort to the user and reduces the risk of injury.
  • The rollers under the glideboard are good in quality to ensure a smooth movement of the glideboard.
  • This machine is equipped with a number of amazing accessories. These accessories are pretty handy for anyone of any fitness level. It has: Leg pulley, Wing attachments, Dip bars, Squat stand, Hand pulley
  • This machine also comes with a number of useful charts and manuals. They are: Owner’s manual, Exercise chart, Nutrition chart, CDs & DVDs a mat to put the equipment on, for the stability of the equipment
  • It lets a user to perform 60 different exercises for a full-body workout session
  • The weight of the equipment is only 53.2lbs which means it has a lightweight design. So, it can be moved easily. Despite being light-weighted, it has a weight capacity of this equipment is 375lbs which means it would be suitable for overweighed people.

Pros & Cons of Total Gym Apex G5

What I Like:

  • Budget-friendly equipment
  • Offers 60 versatile exercise options
  • Perfect for any user of any fitness level
  • Weight capacity is greater than other models
  • 10 resistance levels, which is highest among other models
  • Made of quality materials that give it durability

What I Don’t Like:
There is only one con of this equipment. You cannot add any weight bar to this equipment. there is no option to install a weight bar.

Benefits of Having a Total Gym Equipment’s

Benefits of Having a Total GymThe main purpose of having home gym equipment is to provide you with a proper home gym facility. A home gym equipment offers a number of exercises with advanced attachments so that a person can have effective gym sessions in their home.

Gym equipments from Total gym are no different than other gym equipments. They provide even better performance to some extent. How are they better than other brands? Let’s find out that

  • Total Gym equipment are solely made to provide a home gym facility
  • They have a solid build with a quality steel frame. This solid frame ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Total Gym equipment maintains an optimum weight capacity. So over-weighted people can choose any of these items without worrying about their weight.
  • People from any fitness level can start working out with this equipment as they are designed in such way. Any beginner who has little ideas about exercise can be with this brand’s equipment, as it is very user-friendly.
  • They come with lots of amazing attachments and pulley systems. These attachments allow a user to perform minimum 60 exercises.
  • Different models have different lengths, sizes and weight capacities. So a user can go for any model according to their need.

Buying Guide of Total Gym

Buying Guide of Total GymTotal Gym is a total solution for your home gym session. And as they provide so much facilities in a budget-friendly price tag. So yes, it can be said that total gym is worth buying. Everyone wants to buy perfect equipment for themselves. But finding perfect equipment among all the Total gym products is never easy. Certainly, people should consider a few things before buying any equipment from Total Gym as they offer a number of different products. These different products have their own particular features.

So before buying a product to a person needs to keep in mind a few factors for sake of a perfect home gym session. They are as follows:

  • User’s fitness level and fitness goal
  • User’s Height and body measurement
  • User’s weight
  • Resistance levels of the equipment
  • Attachments & wings of the equipment
  • Size of the equipment
  • Price of the equipment

User’s fitness level & Goal: Every single person on this planet has a different fitness level. People of different fitness levels should go for particular gym equipment that would be best for his fitness level. So, before going for particular gym equipment it is better to consider your fitness level first.

There is one more thing to consider, that is your fitness goal. What exactly is your target? Do you want to be a bodybuilder or have a fit and sound body without unnecessary fat? If you want to become a heavyweight bodybuilder then I am afraid primary Total gym equipment is not for you. You should rather go for upgraded equipment from total gym or from other brands. If you are looking for a perfect fit body apart from bodybuilding then total gym is the best option for you.

User’s Height and body measurement: User should consider his/her height and body measurement while choosing total gym equipment. People who are tall and have a relatively wide body should go for Total Gym Xl or XLS rather than any other model.

On the other hand, skinny and short people should not choose above-mentioned models as they are a bit wider than any other models of total gym. Skinny and short people exercise on bigger and wider equipment might get uncomfortable for short and skinny people. So short and skinny people should go for primary models of total gym like Total Gym 1000, 1100 or 1200 instead Total Gym Xl or XLS.

Weight Capacity of the equipment: People should always consider their weight along with the weight capacity of the equipment. Specially overweighed or bulky people should never buy equipment of low weight capacity.

Working out with low-weight capacity equipment maximizes the risk of an accident. Such accidents lead to short- or long-term injury. So as a user, you would not want to be exposed to such accidents, right?

That’s why you should always choose heavy-weight capacity models of Total gym. Here in this case, you should go for Total Gym Xtreme, XL or Xls models instead of the primary models of Total Gym.

Resistance levels of the equipment: Resistance level is one of the most key factors of an equipment. This decisive factor determines whether an equipment is good gym companion or not. Resistance level ensures an effective workout session. Higher the resistance level better the equipment.

So, a person should always consider the resistance level before buying any equipment. Total Gym Xtreme and Total Gym XL have the higher level of resistance levels among all other total gym equipment. So, any of these two will be better for workout considering resistance levels.

Attachments & wings of the equipment: The fruitfulness of your home gym session depends mostly on a gym machine. And a gym machine becomes more effective when it comes with all the necessary attachments & wings.

That’s why an equipment accessorized with handy wings & attachments is so important. That’s why upgraded versions of total gym (i.e.: Total Gym Xtreme, XL) should be on your priority list as they feature important wings & attachments.

Price of the Equipment: Remember! Always keep an eye on your budget. The equipment you are choosing should not cut a big bulk amount from your pocket. Consider your fitness level and fitness goal first then select an equipment.

If you are a beginner of a moderate fitness level you will not be required heavy equipment to provide you with bodybuilding facilities. Also, consider the time you are willing to give on workout sessions. If you have a little time for workout, then going for big-budget equipment would be a wastage of money. Because the equipment will be of no heavy use for a longer period of the day. So before buying any total gym, always be on your budget.

Total Gym Workouts

Each and every equipment from Total Gym offers a various range of exercises to the user. Total Gym equipment offers 25-100 different exercises to users depending on the equipment.

Primary models offer at most 50 different exercises. Upgraded models offer about 80-100 exercises to make your workout session more effective. Total gym equipment comes along with many handy attachments, wings, leg pulley, hand pulley that allow a user to perform different exercises. Plus, the bench of the models is very comfortable and effective for AB crunch exercises.

Best Total Gym Equipment

There has to be a comparison between different models of the products to determine the best product. Similarly, we have to compare different models of total gym brands to find out the best model.

But how to do the comparison? Well! You have to do it under such criteria. These criteria are as follows:

There is also another way to find out the best Total Gym product.

1. Focusing on your budget

2. Focusing on the advanced facilities. The advanced facilities that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Available wings & attachments
  • Size of the Equipment
  • Weight Capacity
  • Level of resistance
  • Number of various exercises

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which Total Gym is the best?

Answer: According to our research Total Gym Apex G5 is the best equipment. If you are looking for budget-friendly equipment then you should go with the Apex G1. And if you are looking for advanced wings and attachments then you should choose Total Gym XLS.

Question: What is the best total gym for home use?Answer: According to our research. Total Gym Apex G5 would be best for home use, also Total Gym XLS would be even better if you are looking for more wings & attachments or if you want to enjoy other advancements.

Question: Is Total Gym worth buying?Answer: Total gym is totally worthy gym equipment. You will enjoy a full-body home gym session with any total gym equipment. They have excellent facilities, high resistance levels and numerous exercise options.

But most importantly Total gym will offer all these facilities at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

All the models of the total gym brand are good and unique in their own way. But if you are a beginner, you have the right to research different models to find out the best total gym equipment. So, for your convenience, we have discussed here some of the best models under a few criteria.

Hope this article will help you a lot to find out your desired total gym equipment. And ensure, you get the best total gym.

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