Total Gym 1000 Review: Will Buy It?

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Today here in this article we will talk about one of the earliest models of Total gym equipment. This equipment is being called “Total Gym 1000”. This primary model of the Total Gym brand may lack some modern features, but it could play an effective role on your fitness. Let’s discuss a conventional review of this item.

Total Gym 1000 Review


  • Dimensions [Unfolded]: 16”W x 88”L x 44”H
  • Dimensions [Folded]: 16”W x 50.5”L x 8”H
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
  • Number of Exercises: 70
  • Level of Resistance: 7
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Materials: Steel
Total Gym 1000 Review

Why Total Gym 1000?

Let me explain the reasons why you should have a Total Gym 1000.

  • Although Total Gym 1000 is a basic version of equipment , it is proved to be an amazing workout company for a beginner.
  • This gym equipment ensures comfort yet effective workout sessions. By that it minimizes the chance of getting injury or muscle pain.
  • Short session of regular exercise with this equipment will be enough to maintain your good fitness.
  • This equipment offers 70 plus exercises.
  • Pulley system of this equipment has a padded glide board to make your exercise easy and painless. This will also minimize the risk of injury or muscle pain.
  • You can have 7 resistance levels with this basic gym machine
  • Folding option will save you the hassle to store it
  • This is a budget friendly gym equipment for any beginner workout enthusiast.

Features of Total Gym 1000

Let’s have a look at some basic features of Total Gym 1000

Build and Quality 

Total Gym 1000 is the basic workout instrument from total gym. It is a pretty simple instrument, yet it has a solid sturdy build and durability. The structure of this equipment is made of steel frame. This steel frame holds the whole equipment and the glideboard.

The glideboard has two rubber-coated plastic wheels that slide on a track of the steel frame. This glideboard is padded with 1.5” foam to ensure proper comfort of the user.

Levels of Resistance:

Total Gym 1000 has 7 levels of resistance.

Exercise Options:

This machine allows a user to practice 70 different exercises with this single unit of Total Gym 1000 model.

Pulley System

It also has a pulley system on both sides of the equipment. Both of these pulleys are made of nylon straps. They are padded with soft synthetic rubbers, to make them comfortable in your wrist.

Support and Comfort

The glideboard is padded with foam and rubber padded pulley straps so that you can have a comfortable workout session. These features not only provide comfort but also minimize the risk of injury and muscle pull.


You can always fold it. So storage of this equipment is very easy.

Weight Capacity

Total Gym 1000 has the weight capacity of 275 lbs.


You don’t need to assemble it after opening the package, as it comes fully assembled.


Total Gym 1000 comes with a warranty of 6 months

Pros & Cons

What I Like:

  • You will be able to perform 70+ exercises with this instrument
  • You can have 7 different level of resistance
  • Padded with foam and more comfortable so there’s nothing to worry about injury or muscle pain
  • Comes fully assembled, so you don’t need to worry about assembling
  • Bulky people can comfortably workout on it, as it is capable of taking a load upto 275lbs
  • You can easily fold it and store it conveniently
  • Price of this equipment is comparatively cheaper than other equipment of “Total Gym”

What I Don’t Like:

  • It is not suited for heavy bodybuilders but more suitable for beginners
  • Warranty period is comparatively shorter considering it’s price
  • This one is a older version basic gym equipment so many modern features are absent

Thinks to Consider Before Purchasing Total Gym 1000

There is no doubt that The “Total Gym 1000” is a great workout instrument but you have to keep in mind that this machine will only help you to improve your strength, muscle tone and heart health and not more than that. This model will not be suitable for bodybuilders.


From the above discussion, you might be thinking about what benefit should you get from this basic version of a gym instrument? That’s a valid point, I know. But trust me! Total Gym 1000 would be a perfect equipment to start with for any beginner.

If you are new to fitness world and wanna hold on to something to start with. You might need something basic and budget-friendly item. And we all know the goodwill of the total gym brand. So among all the basic budget-friendly equipment, this will be a perfect gym.

So we are suggesting you start your love for fitness with Total Gym 1000.

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