Total Gym 1400 Review: Is It Worth Purchasing?

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People who do not have enough free time, often wonder how to start their own workout session at home. Well! That’s pretty easy. You can start your own gym at home anytime, but here comes a little problem. You will need effective gym equipment.  Equipment that is budget-friendly, effective with various features and comfortable at the same time.

Renowned manufacturer Total Gym has come up with various Gym equipment models to help you in this case. Among their products, one particular model can satisfy all your needs by its specialty and features. And the equipment is called “Total Gym 1400”. Let’s talk about this today.

Total Gym 1400 Review


  • Dimensions: 16” W x 92.5” L x 43.25” H
  • Weight of the Equipment: 70lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Number of Exercises: 60
  • Level of resistance: 8
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Materials: Steel

Why Should you buy Total Gym 1400?

Why Should you buy Total Gym 1400

  • This particular equipment is proved to be an amazing workout instrument for a beginner.
  • This gym equipment ensures total comfort and thus it reduces the chance of muscle pain.
  • It will not require long workout sessions to maintain good fitness.
  • 70 plus exercises could be done with it.
  • Padded gilde board and rubber straps made the pulley system very effective, easy and painless.
  • It offers 7 levels of resistance.
  • Comes with the handy feature of the Folding option.
  • The price tag of this equipment will not ask for a big bulk of money.

Features of Total Gym 1400

Let’s have a look at some basic features of Total Gym 1400

Build and Quality:

Total gym 1400 has a solid steel construction with a sturdy frame of steel. The machine is made of durable and solid steel. The glide board has a vinyl covering with high-quality foam inside. Also, the glide board runs on a solid steel track and the plastic wheel of the board uses plastic and has a damp preventive quality. Pulley systems have also used durable non tearing rubber-coated straps.

Levels of Resistance:

This equipment comes with 8 different levels of resistance.

Pulley System:

Just like other models from the total gym this equipment also features a pulley system. With these two nylon strap rubber padded pulleys and moveable glide boards, you can experience a number of exercises.

Exercise Options:

A user will enjoy the opportunity to practice 60 plus different exercises with this equipment

Support and Comfort:

Support and comfort are the two main things this equipment has promised to offer to the users. Every part of the machine is made with the focus of comfort. The glide board has a thick layer of foam inside the covering. Also, pulley straps have used rubber padding to ensure proper comfort.


With the folding feature, you just can fold the machine to store it properly so it doesn’t take much space.

Weight Capacity:

Total Gym 1400 has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.


Total Gym 1400 comes fully assembled. So there’s no need for the further hassle of assembling.


This instrument comes with a warranty of 1year.

Pros & Cons

What I Like:

  • This equipment will give you the freedom to choose between 60+ exercises
  • It is equipped with 8 different levels of resistance
  • It has so many exciting additional features, such as a multi-functional handlebar, dip bars, square stand, leg pulley accessories
  • Total gym authority shipped this item as fully assembled
  • It will save your space with its folding option
  • This equipment has a budget-friendly price tag

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not an ideal option for a heavy bodybuilding workout session
  • Not for the people over 250lbs

What to Consider before Purchasing Total Gym 1400

What to Consider before Purchasing Total Gym 1400Just like other beginner workout instruments, Total Gym 1400 has some amazing features for beginner workout enthusiasts. On the other hand, it lacks the required features that are needed to build heavy muscles. So if you are looking for home gym equipment for heavy bodybuilding workouts, then I’m afraid this will not be the right fit for you. And you should consider this fact before purchasing Total Gym 1400.


From the above-mentioned point, we all might understand how Total gym 1400 can be beneficial for a beginner. It will be a comfortable, effective and sleek design that anyone will adore. With its great feature, it will allow a user to build and maintain a great fitness level. It will also boost your metabolism to its fullest.

So we will suggest any beginner try out this workout equipment for their own benefit.

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