Total Gym 1900 Review: Everything You Need To Know!

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Total Gym 1900 is a basic workout training equipment that has a lot of amazing features. It is the most advanced beginner workout instrument that has all the necessary diverse workout options with unique and upgraded attachments and bars.

A beginner from different levels of fitness and age can have a professional home gym session with it without even going to the gym. Today we are going to discuss a brief description and review of Total Gym 1900 equipment. So, let’s begin.

Total Gym 1900 Review


  • Dimension (When in use): 16”(W)x 92.5”(L)x 43”(H)
  • Dimension (when folded): 16”(W)x 50.5”(L)x 8”(H)
  • Weight: 55.65lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Levels of Resistance: 12
  • Number of exercises: 60+
  • Warranty: 1 year

Why Should you go for Total Gym 1900?

Why Should you go for Total Gym 1900

  • Beginner workout enthusiasts will have all the necessary attachments, exercise options and other facilities suitable for a beginner
  • Durable vinyl upholster glideboard ensures total comfort and protection of muscles
  • Overweight people need no worry about their weight to perform exercise on this equipment as it supports up to 350lbs weight.
  • You can practice 60plus exercises with this equipment
  • Despite being a primary and beginner workout instrument. This equipment offers 12 different levels of resistance.
  • Offers a number of important attachments, press-up bars, dip bars, AB Crunch boards, leg pulley accessories kit.
  • You can fold it easily to store by saving space
  • You can also use it for incline dumbbell presses. You can lean against the glideboard and exercise with dumbbells without
  • It also comes with two DVDs with all the necessary exercises on it

Features of Total Gym 1900

Let’s have a look at some basic features of Total Gym 1900

Build and Quality

Total Gym 1900 is made with a quality heavy-duty steel frame. This steel frame is capable of taking a load up to 350lbs. This steel frame features a center support rail for the glideboard.

It also has a top inner rail and a bottom outer rail to provide maximum support and solid build to the structure. The glideboard runs smoothly on these rails. This equipment also features a height adjustment tube and arm pulley/Cable assembly.

Levels of Resistance

Levels of ResistanceThis equipment comes with 12 different levels of resistance.

Pulley System

There are two nylon strap pulleys on both sides of the equipment. They both are padded with soft rubber to ensure your firm grab. Plus, the cord that a user pulls to do exercises have solid toughness and are top-notch quality.

Exercise Options

60+ exercises can be performed with this single equipment

Support and Comfort

Total Gym 1900 ensures proper distribution of body balance when you are leaning your back on the glideboard. The glideboard has a thick layer of comfortable foam under the vinyl covering, to provide the necessary support for your back, hip and buttock.

This equipment also is very lightweight and flexible to use. The pulley system won’t put excessive pressure on your muscles and shoulders. It is great for cardio, strength and flexibility training.


It can be folded down for easy and space saving storage.

Weight Capacity

Total Gym 1900 has the weight capacity of 350 lbs.


Total Gym 1900 comes fully assembled. So there’s no need for the further hassle of assembling.


The warranty period of Total Gym 1900 is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Pros & Cons

What I Like:

  • Total gym 1900 has a solid build with a sturdy frame that has made him durable
  • 60+ different exercises can be done with this single equipment
  • It has 12 different levels of resistance
  • Comes with so many exciting multifunctional attachments: AB Crunch boards and Leg pull accessories
  • It has a number of bars and presses: front press, press up bars, dip bars etc.
  • Total gym authority shipped this item as fully assembled
  • It will save your space with its folding option
  • This equipment has a budget-friendly price tag

What I Don’t Like:

  • This equipment doesn’t include any squate
  • The equipment is a bit long for normal users

What to Consider before Purchasing Total Gym 1900?

What to Consider before Purchasing Total Gym 1900You have to consider a few things before choosing Total Gym 1900. This equipment will not offer you heavy workout facilities. You cannot load it with dumbbell plates to add weight on the gliding board, as it doesn’t have pegs. The Pulley system also will not support extra resistance.

So, it can be easily understood that this equipment is not designed for heavy workout sessions. If you are looking for an instrument for heavy bodybuilding then this equipment will not be that helpful. It does not offer heavy bodybuilding exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions Total Gym 1900

Q1: Which will be a safe and secure source to purchase a Total Gym 1900? What is the price of Total Gym 1900?

Ans: Amazon has always been a safe and secured source of purchasing gym equipment’s. So you can always rely on Amazon when you are about to purchase Total Gym 1900. The price of the Total Gym 1900 will be at around $1000 to $2500.

Q2: What attachments are provided with the total gym 1900?

Ans: Total Gym 1900 comes with a number of handy attachments. They are featured with AB Crunch, Leg pully, hand pully, wing attachments. The wing attachments has two options. The single unit option and two-piece option.

Q3: How many leg pullies do come with total gym 1900?

Ans: Total Gym 1900 comes with one pair of leg pulleys to ensure your perfect leg workout session.

Q4: Does this include the weight bar for the bench?

Ans: No. Total Gym 1900 does not include a weight bar for the bench.

Q5: Can I use a total gym 1500 accessories with this one?

Ans: Total Gym 1900 is an upgraded version than total Gym 1500. That’s why both these models share a number of similarities. That let’s an user use accessories of total gym 1500 onto total gym 1900.


Total Gym 1900 is the most modern piece of home gym equipment for beginners that anyone could ever ask for. It will offer you both basic and a bit upgraded versions of exercises as you can perform 60 plus exercises with it. You can also enjoy 12 levels of resistance and advanced attachments.

but it also is not for heavy workout sessions to make a person bodybuilder. Its long structure and shape are a bit inconvenient for shorter people. Despite these disadvantages, you can easily understand that this equipment is effective home gym equipment for beginners. So we will suggest that you go to Total Gym 1900 for a home gym session.

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