Total Gym 2000 Review: Should You Go For This?

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Total Gym 2000 is a basic home Gym equipment that has gained a number of positive reviews from users. It is enriched with such advancements to improve your home gym workout session performance. The most important thing is that it allows a wide range of exercise with it’s upgraded attachments.   

Any beginner from any fitness level can perform a professional workout session with it at home. Thus a beginner can save both time and money. Let’s know more about Total Gym 2000 in this article. 


Total Gym 2000 Review


  • Dimension: 18.5” (W)x 90”(L)x 43” (H)
  • Weight of the Equipment: 61lbs (28kgs)
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs (136.4kgs)
  • Levels of Resistance: 12
  • Number of Exercises: 60+
  • Warranty: 1 year

Brief Description of Total Gym 2000

Let us start with a brief description of the equipment. The description is described below. 

Frame: The main structure of this machine is made of 4 main rails. There are 2 inner rails and 2 outer rails. And All these rails are made of lightweight but solid steel. Outer rails hold the glideboard, which makes it slide on it. One end of this steel frame leans vertically against the height adjustment slide mechanism. There is also a center support rail to hold the mainframe. This rail provides the mainframe the necessary support it needs. The other end of these rail frames stands firmly on the floor with rollers.  

We must admit that all these rails are made of quality products and have a solid build. These rails hold the glideboard that slides on. 

Support Column: A support column is a column made of sturdy steel that provides support for the other part of the gym machine. It also is used as a height adjustment slide mechanism with a height adjustment feature. It is a solid steel strut to hold one end of the equipment over the floor surface and provide proper support. It stands on rollers that have rubber at the end of it. This height adjustment mechanism includes a height-adjustable handle and lever.  

Glideboard: Foam cushioned glideboard seats on the 2 outer rails and is connected by the pulley system to the height slide mechanism. This glideboard moves on the outer rails smoothly by the pulley. This also has a thick layer of foam to provide maximum comfort and support. 

Features of Total Gym 2000

Build & Quality 

Just like other total gym equipment, the Total Gym 2000 model is manufactured with quality materials. It is designed in such a way that it can take a load upto 300 pounds and distribute the load throughout the machine. The main frame of the product is made of solid but lightweight steel. This lightweight steel allows the user to move it anywhere in the room without extra effort.

Also, the glideboard has used a thick layer of quality foam to provide total comfort and support. This glideboard’s foam will not sink down by the weight of overweight people but still maintain comfort. This glideboard will always go easy on your back and hip whenever you are leaning against it.     

Levels of Resistance 

This equipment has 12 different levels of resistance. 

Pulley System

There are two types of pulley systems on this equipment. One is the hand pulley system and the other is the glideboard pulley system. Glideboard pulley system allows the glideboard to slide on the rails to let the user perform different exercises. 

Hand pulley system’s nylon strings hang from the support column. These strings are made of nylon. These string pulleys have perfect elasticity. They also have rubber padding that allows a user to grab the pulleys with more comfort and with a tight grasp. The whole pulley system has great quality and according to public review, they ensure a total effective workout session. 

Exercise Options

This machine allows a user to practice about 60 different exercises with it .

Support and Comfort

Total Gym 2000 model is capable of providing a full-body workout. So it is manufactured in such a way to provide full support and comfort to the whole body. This equipment efficiently spreads the body weight throughout the equipment. So that you will never feel an excessive amount of pressure on one particular side of your body while doing a particular exercise.

The glideboard, pulley systems and squat stand will never go hard on your muscles and organs. The glideboard is wide and comfortably thick enough to support a bulky user’s back and hip. The pulley systems are rubber padded and have enough elasticity for the safety of your arms and legs. Same goes for squat stands. They are comfortable enough to stand upon and do squats even if you are barefooted.


Folding options have made it easy to store it easily. It will also save enough space if you have a tiny room.

Weight Capacity

Total Gym 2000 has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.


It is shipped to the user as fully assembling. Manufacturers do all the assembling to save you from the hassle of assembling the equipment.


The warranty period of Total Gym 2000 is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Why Should you go for Total Gym 2000?

Why Should you go for Total Gym 2000?
  • This equipment is a great option to go for as a beginner.
  • The pulley systems, the glideboard and the squat stand are comfortable and durable at the same time. 
  • It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and is wide enough so that bulky people can have enough comfort.
  • Has a range of 60 various exercises  
  • Though it is primary workout equipment, you can use external dumbbells for primary bodybuilding by leaning against the glideboard or sitting on it. 
  • The squat stand is very effective for your squat exercises.
  • Despite being budget-friendly equipment, it will provide you 12 levels of resistance.
  • Enriched with a package of pull up press bars and leg pull accessories
  • Folding options are very handy.

Things to check before start the trial of Total Gym 2000

Things to check before start the trial of Total Gym 2000
  • Make sure that the equipment is fully open and sitting on a solid, level surface with plenty of clearance on each side.Place the equipment on solid a solid surface and in an open wide space 
  • Check that the pulley is attached securely on the hook and on the underside of the glideboard Secure attachment between each and every  hook and the pulley needs to be checked for user’s own safety  
  • Check that the cables are traveling correctly in the groove of each pulley See for the simultaneous smooth movement of the cables with each pulley  
  • Make sure that the cable is securely fastened to each hand grip   Make sure that the hand grips are fastened tightly to the cables  
  • Install the squat stand correctly in the squat stand receptacles
  • Check the smoothness of the glideboard. If it glides smoothly on the frame then there is no problem 
  • Place and lock all the hitch pins and the height adjustment pins to their exact places

Pros & Cons

What I Like:

  • Total gym 2000 is made of a solid frame and durable structure  
  • Offers 60+ exercises 
  • It comes along with 12 levels of resistance 
  • Leg pull accessories and AB Crunch boards are included in the package  
  • press up bars, front press and dip bars, etc. are provided with the machine 
  • It comes as fully assembled
  • Its folding option is a very handy feature 
  • Perfect of overweight people as it has the capacity to take a load upto 300lbs
  • It will not demand a big buck as it has a reasonable price

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for athletes and professional bodybuilders
  • It lacks professional or heavy accessories and bars


Though Total Gym 2000 might be more suitable for primary workout sessions and not for bodybuilding sessions, it will provide you enough opportunities to explore different levels and exercises. You will have a full-body workout experience under a very affordable price range.

So if you are looking for an affordable and primary workout to start with, then our suggestion will always be with Total Gym 2000.

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