Total Gym Apex G5 Review: Everything you need to know

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All the models of Total Gym Apex G are unique and excellent for workout sessions in their own individual way. But when it comes to choosing effective gym equipment for a beginner user, you can go for the Total Gym Apex G5 model with a blindfold on.

Some might argue that all the total gym Apex G models are great options for beginners, so why G5 is best. That’s because Apex G5 is better than other Apex G models as it offers more levels of resistance and more exercise options than Apex G1 and G3.

So here in this topic, we will discuss an elaborate review of Total Gym Apex G5 and point out why it should be purchased. So let’s begin the Total Gym Apex G5 review.

Total Gym Apex G5 Review


Brand: Total gym
Model: APEX G5
Material: Steel (frame)
Weight capacity: 345 lbs
Resistance level: 10
Exercises: 80+
Warranty: 12 months

Why should you go for Total Gym Apex G5?

Why should you go for Total Gym Apex G5Total Gym Apex G5 Is a full-body training fitness equipment. It has an advanced 10 level of resistance. This equipment is built to give you a variety of workout sessions with unique attachments.

With this equipment, users can start his/her home workout session immediately. 10 levels of resistance and attachments will allow you to experience quality indoor workout sessions as it will allow you to do 80 different exercises.

Total Gym Apex G5 ensures low impact, fluid movement effortlessly transitions from one to the next exercise. We know how precious your time is, and most of us can’t find spare time to workout properly.

To solve this problem Apex G5 lets you have a quick workout session of just 15-20 minutes a day. With this, you will not have to run to the gym. Short workout sessions like this three to four days a week on this equipment will make a difference.

This equipment is suitable for all age levels. People of 8-80 age levels will gonna be benefited from this equipment for sure.

So we can say that Total Gym Apex G5 will be worth the money.

Features of Total Gym Apex G5

Quality & Design

Total Gym Apex G5 is a solid built gym equipment. It is designed to provide a solid and better performance. it comes with some handy attachments. Such as wing attachments, leg pull accessories, squat stands, training deck with holder, dip bars.

Levels of Resistance

There are 10 levels of resistance available in Total Gym Apex G5. These resistance levels ensure a better and effective workout session for users of any fitness level and age.

Exercise Options

Total Gym Apex G5 Exercise Options

  • Surfer
  • Kneeling Row
  • Kneeling Triceps Kickback
  • Kneeling Biceps Curl
  • Seated Chest Press
  • Squat
  • Single-Leg Squat
  • Calf Raise
  • Roll Up
  • Incline AB Crunch
  • Many more

Weight Capacity

Total Gym Apex G5 has a decent weight capacity. It can take a load up to 375 lbs. that means it has a solid build and comfortable at the same time for bulky and fat people.


Just like the previous models of Total Gym Apex series, G5 comes with an easy folding feature. You can fold the equipment to a convenient size and store it easily.


All the Apex G series equipment comes fully assembled. You don’t need to assemble the equipment.  So the equipment is ready to be used once it is unboxed.


You will have a warranty of 1 year with Total Gym Apex G5.

Pros & Cons

Both pros and cons exist in this particular equipment. Let’s discuss both pros and cons below.

What I Like:

  • Apex G5 will allow you to experience over 80 plus exercises
  • It has advanced and unique 5 attachments
  • Available with 10 resistance Levels
  • As Apex G5 is low impact equipment it is safe and suitable for almost all users
  • You can store it easily and properly by simply folding the gym machine
  • It is perfect for a full-body workout
  • You don’t need to assemble the machine, as it comes fully assembled
  • It includes necessary nutrition guidelines
  • It comes with a proper workout manual
  • This equipment asks a reasonable price

What I Don’t Like:

  • As it is a low impact machine it is not suitable for bodybuilding exercises or for athletes
  • The warranty period is only 1 year not more than that

Things to Consider before Purchasing Total Gym Apex G5

Things to Consider before Purchasing Total Gym Apex G5There is no doubt that The Total Gym Apex G5 is a great workout instrument but you have to consider a few things before buying it. We have already mentioned that this model is appropriate for people of any age and fitness level, but you can only have a low-impact workout session with this machine.

Thus it will help you to improve your strength, muscle tone and heart health and not more than that. So this model will not be suitable for a person whose aim is to build a lot of bulk. Also, it will not be effective for a bodybuilder or an athlete.

Overall Experience

If a beginner is thinking of starting workouts at home then nothing will be more suitable for him/her than Apex G5. Why? Because it’s an equipment that comes at a low price, easy to assemble and use, offers 80 plus exercises and most importantly it is the best suit for a beginner.


Total Gym Apex G5 has such versatility that will allow you to workout more skillfully than 80+ exercises. It gives some extra benefit to a newcomer fitness enthusiast rather than G1 and G3.

So, if you are a beginner, have a tight budget yet thinking about an effective workout instrument then Total Gym Apex G5 will be a great option for you.

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