Total Gym XL7 Review: Is it worth the money!

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Physical fitness through exercise is one of the most common pieces of advice offered by physicians across the planet. There are many benefits of exercises if it’s done correctly. Some of the physical benefits include improved blood flow, general body fitness, weight loss and stress relief.

Physical exercise also helps our brain directly and indirectly. Physical exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance. It also stimulates the release of growth factor in the brain. This growth factor affects the growth of new blood cells. Exercises are necessary to boost the memory, to improve concentration and to improve mental health. It also slows down cognitive decline and improves the performance of heart and lung.

Why Total Gym XL7? (Is it worth the money!)

Why Total Gym XL7
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In today’s busy schedule a well equipped home gym certainly makes people beneficial in terms of saving time. It also maximizes your work time and work quality and save your money.

So considering all these factors you might wanna build a home gym. Here arises the crucial question, “How can you build an effective home gym, that also would be economical?”

Hold on! You need not to worry or scratch your head over this simple matter. Today we will discuss about an equipment that will ensure your physical and economic benefit. And that product is Total Gym XL7

Total Gym XL7 is a kind of versatile home gym that delivers a complete body workout at the comfort of your home with ease. This bodyweight resistance home gym uses the gravity of your own body weight to produce resistance through cables.

With this device anyone can start their personal workout program. This workout will strengthen and tone the important and desirable muscles of the upper and lower portion of the body. Working out with this device not only will tone and condition your muscles but it will transform your body composition as well.

If you have this along with a proper workout plan, you can reduce body fats and increase the exact proportion of muscle in the body. Strength training can be very effective as it can turn up the metabolic thermostat. This metabolic thermostat ensures that everyone can burn their calories constantly, no matter what he/she is doing.

Specification of Total Gym XL7

Specification of Total Gym XL7
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Suitable for all users: Total Gym XL7 Home Gym goes upto 12 elevation levels, which makes it truly suitable for both beginners and experts. This twelve elevation levels so that one can vary the challenge of their workout program as per their choice.

Sturdy Long Lasting built: This machine was built to last. It is super sturdy and also very quiet.

Capable of supporting massive weight: It holds up to 350 Lbs. This feature allows you to focus on the workout without worrying about annoying noise or moving parts caused by body weight while working out.

Worth the money: It is certainly good investment if you are considering to buy a professional grade exercising equipment at a great value.

No need to assemble: It comes fully assembled and can be stored easily.

Abundance of accessories: This device is a whole package of a lot of helpful accessories. It includes dip bars, press up bars, squat stand, Ab Crunch and a leg pull accessory.

A flip chart of exercise is also provided with this device. This flip chart provides a thorough guideline of a perfect workout program.

An exercise mat is offered to ensure the stability of the machine and guards the floor from scuffing.  The glide board has a padded pillow to make the workout more convenient and effective.

A diet chart or a is provided. And last but not the least a DVD of a total body workout will be given. Total Gym TV has 16 free workouts. Assembling of Total gym XL7 seems to be very easy.  You just have to fold it up and store safely.

Wide variety of exercises: There are over 60 exercises to do on this machine that only takes 10-20 minutes to get a total body workout.

Features of Total Gym XL7

Features of Total Gym XL7
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  • Total Gym XL7 is a full body workout machine which can make the best of these features. Its free streaming workout training programs and instructional videos ensure the whole body workout at home.
  • There is a premium membership for additional money in a year. It features extensive strength training programs with many quality options. This is certainly effective with a weight loss program and cardio.
  • This machine uses a combination of body weight and the inclination of the glide-board as its resistance. The inclination can be changed as per resistance.
  • Total Gym XL7 is 16 inches wide, 92.5 inches long and 43 inches high when you set it up for exercise, and when it is folded it become 16 inches wide, 50.5 inches long and 8 inches high
  • This machine itself is 55.65lbs in weight and supports up to 350lbs of weight
  • This device has a large and upgraded squat stand. This stand is made to maintain accurate and exact form. This proper form is way easier than any small squat stand.
  • To some extent, Total Gym ensures a huge range of versatility. The addition of accessories like a leg pulley and Pilates kit allows a user to break sweat properly with at least 80 exercises or more.
  • These machines are affordable and feature different payment plans and options. It offers a 30-day trial period. It has an easy return policy within 30 days without any strings attached.
  • Total Gym machines are sent via UPS Ground. In addition to the limited lifetime warranty on the Total Gym frame, extra 2 year warranty on all moving parts can be received.

Some extra features

As compared to earlier version Total Gym XLS, it gives more levels of resistance. Total Gym XL7 comes with free ab crunch attachment. This not only gives more levels of resistance but it’s got a smoother glide board and more comfortable system.

Pros and cons

  • This is designed in a simple way but it has solid effectiveness. It removes the big, bulk and heavy gym instrument and welcomes a device that is simple but ensures total fitness.
  • The Total Gym XL7 is beneficial for fitness freaks that use cables for workout. As cable workouts offer more benefits rather than free weights. They total ensures safety. In cable workouts a user does not need to load and offload free weights that are heavy.
  • It also allows a full range of movement and motion from every conceivable corner without any risk of injury by getting stuck under a barbell on system failure.
  • After the workout session any user can simply put the handles back to the starting position. This ensures a new by workout enthusiast to train on their own.
  • Total Gym XL7 is suitable for both bodybuilder and new fitness enthusiast who have different fitness level, as it is a pure strength gym machine.
  • It is perfect for intermediate trainees because it doesn’t have the heavy capabilities of resistance for a home gym device with heavy weights. For beginners, it has smooth gliding rails and flexible cables. In fact, this machine was originally designed to be used as a perfect rehabilitation tool.
  • Although Total Gym XL7 is considered to be a home fitness tool, still these gravity-based machines have some limitations. Their resistance levels are not as good as the free weights or machines. Free weights offer fine-tuning which Total Gym XL7 doesn’t offer.
  • Users often claim that the Total Gym XL7 lacks appropriate resistance level. Which is kind a true, because the top resistance level of this machine is not perfect for full-size muscle building training?
  • There are no substitute tools for squats, dead lifts, bench and military presses. So, it can be said that this is definitely not an instrument that is suitable for bodybuilders.

Total Gym XL7 is a safe home resistance machine that can give you mostly a whole-body workout, it would heartily recommend. With the varied workout routines that come with the machine and access to new streaming routines, the workout program will never become repetitive.

The wide variety of add-on accessories assure that. If you find a new exercise protocol you wish to use, the Total Gym XL7 definitely can help.

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