Total Gym Xtreme Review: Read Before You Buy

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For a long time, I’ve been analyzing Total Gyms. They’ve been around for a few decades, and throughout the whole time, they’ve introduced plenty of different models.

Each model varies significantly in terms of resistance levels and attachments offered, but they all perform on the same general principle. It also has a terrific design.

Total Gym has introduced so many models over the years (approximately 30). All of them are really user friendly and proved to be handy for a home gym session. Amongst all the models Total Gym Xtreme is really effective for a useful home gym session.

Here in this article, we will discuss a brief review of Total Gym Xtreme. So, let’s dive deep into the discussion.

Total Gym Xtreme at a glance:

Total Gym Xtreme is a primary model of the renowned Total Gym brand. Despite being an older gym equipment, the model is enriched with lots of modern facilities and accessories. This equipment has a sleek and ergonomic design. The manufacturers also considered the comfort of an user.

That’s why the glideboard of this machine is cushioned with a soft and thick pad of foam. The glideboard moves along smoothly on quality roller wheels. Apart from that the model is made of top notch solid steel frame. Those steel frame provides solid durability to the machine.

Let’s take a look at more detailed features of Xtreme through their specification.

Total Gym Fit Review


  • Dimensions: 50.9” L x 16.1” W x 8.2” H (Folded)
  • Weight: 82.67lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Exercises: 60+
  • Level Of Resistance: 12
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Features of Total Gym Xtreme 

Just like every other total gym equipment, Xtreme has its own and unique features. With Total Gym XTREME equipment, you may work out all main muscle groups in a single session. It gives you the best workout of your life, including aerobic, stretching, strength training, and 60+ activities. From beginners to advanced fitness aficionados — ages 8 to 80 – this workout is ideal for everyone.

It’s quite simple to move from one workout to the next. Total Gym XTREME provides a total body workout, in as little as 10 to 20 minutes every day. For almost 40 years, Total Gym has been a trusted name in health and fitness. [Check our recommended Best Total Gym]

Features of Total Gym Xtreme

Some additional features of Total Gym Xtreme have been described as below:

Design & Outlook:

The design of this equipment is really good. It has got a sleek silver colored steel frame with a high-quality foam padded glide board.

Now if we take a look at the padded glideboard we will see that the manufacturers have made an effort to make it look unique and stylish. The Glossy black rexine background of the board has got a dotted yellow texture. This combination of black and yellow has made this board look too gorgeous on a shiny silver frame.

Build & Construction:

Total Gym Xtreme has got a nice design. This equipment is designed to give you a full body workout experience. The equipment is built with chrome plated silver steel. The steel used in this equipment is solid to provide strength to the frame. Plus, the steel has chrome plated steel, that has the ultimate added strength.

The frame along with the glideboard has the capability of taking a load up to 350lbs. Its dimension is also suitable for users of any fitness level. The weight capacity and dimension

Accessories & Attachments:

The Total Gym Xtreme features a number of necessary accessories & attachments. These attachments are very important for a full body workout session. They also provide proper support to an user’s body dimension and weight, so that the workout session goes comfortably.

The machines are equipped with so many accessories. They are:

  • AB Crunch Accessory
  • Leg Pulley System
  • Squat Stand
  • Tri Grip Shaper Bars
  • Wing Attachments

AB Crunch Accessory:

The Ab Crunch Accessory for Total Gym Workout Machines is designed to firm and tone your abdominal muscles fast and effectively. With the Ab Crunch Accessory, you may conduct over ten core-strengthening exercises.

Leg Pulley System:

This equipment has the pulley system. As with Pilates equipment, it provides for bilateral and unilateral movement by use of different leg attachments: a set of foot harnesses for conventional Pilates evolved activities such as ankle harnesses and leg circles for established single leg cable work for the outer and inner thigh.

Squat Stand:

When performing squat variants, a squat stand, also known as a rack, is used to hold weight. The squat stand or rack is made of two adjustable metal posts that support the barbell. A typical squat is performed by positioning oneself under the bar, lifting it off the stands, stepping back, and squatting.

Tri Grip Shaper Bars:

The Total Gym Tri-Grip shaping bars are a flexible addition to the Total Gym Xtreme that allows you to do some of your favorite Total Gym Exercises with a broad, standard, or close grip. Pull-ups, chin-ups, and shoulder presses are examples of these workouts.

Wing Attachments:

The wing attachment is one of the most versatile Total Gym accessories. Leg curl with straight arm lift, pull up, shoulder press, and other upper and lower body exercises can be done by attaching to either the top or bottom rails. For ease of use, a hitch-pin attachment mechanism is used.

Assemble & Warranty

Total Gym Xtreme-Assemble and WarrantyAssembly of Total Gym Xtreme is really very easy. It’s as simple as unboxing and unfolding it. Then you just have to use the provided pins to connect your attachments.

Total Gym Xtreme comes with a warranty of 12 months or 1year.


I’ve always liked Total Gyms because they’re versatile, safe, and simple to use. I have to say, the XTREME has truly pleased me.

I believe the XTREME is one of the finest equipment that is currently available, especially if you consider the 12 resistance levels and 6 attachments it includes. Plus, it comes with the AbCrunch and other great attachments.

Overall, the Xtreme is a very amazing deal if you’re seeking for a budget-friendly Total Gym equipment. So, this equipment is highly recommended from our side.

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