Total Gym Apex G3 Review: Should You Buy This?

Total Gym Apex G3 Review-FI

Total Gym is a trusted manufacturer of Gym Instruments. Their gym instrument models have goodwill among fitness enthusiasts. Apex G models are not the exception here. Today we will discuss the review of Total Gym Apex G3. So, let’s dive into the discussion. Total Gym Apex G3 Review Why should you go for Total Gym … Read more

Total Gym Apex G1 Review – Is It Budget-Friendly?

Total Gym Apex G1 Review-FI

Total Gym is a trusted name for all the workout enthusiasts out there. Total Gym has attracted many workout enthusiasts for its total workout package that can be performed at home. With “Total Gym” equipment you can perform your indoor workout sessions easily and effectively without having to go to the gym. This brand manufactures … Read more

Total Gym XL7 Review: Is it worth the money!

Physical fitness through exercise is one of the most common pieces of advice offered by physicians across the planet. There are many benefits of exercises if it’s done correctly. Some of the physical benefits include improved blood flow, general body fitness, weight loss and stress relief. Physical exercise also helps our brain directly and indirectly. … Read more