Z Stack Vitamins Review: Things To Consider Before You Buy

Virus infections are proving dangerous day by day. Scientists are working hard to find a cure or prevention against various viruses. Many scientists have come up with new inventions or new medications to fight viruses. Some of them proved to be futile while other medicines proved to be handy against virus attacks.

Here in this article, we will discuss one particular medicine that has the capability to fight viruses. This is being called Z Stack Vitamins. This Multivitamin has been invented by Dr. Vladimir Zelenco. Let’s have a brief discussion about Z Stack Vitamin and Dr. Zelenko.

Who is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko?

Who is Dr Vladimir ZelenkoBefore knowing about Z-Stack we need to know about its inventor first. The name of the inventor of Z-Stack is Vladimir Zelenko. Vladimir Zelenco was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1973. He is mainly a family physician. He is renowned for promoting a three-drug mixture of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate as part of the Zelenko Protocol, the investigational treatment for Virus attacks. He’s also accused of spreading false medical information, conspiracy and falsehoods concerning the treatment of viruses.

Zelenko claimed that he has given successful treatment to hundreds of Virus patients with his medicine course. The course length is 5 days. He claimed it in a public letter to US President Donald Trump on March 23, 2020. Despite the uncertainty of his treatment result, Zelenko’s treatment approach rapidly gained attention, with numerous media celebrities and Trump administration officials supporting it. Rudy Giuliani along with Mark Meadows, one of the Trump administration chief of staff has supported him.

About Z Stack Vitamins

About Z Stack Vitamins
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Z-Stack is multivitamin medicine. Dr. Zelenko has invented it and claimed that this medicine is capable of preventing virus attacks. This multivitamin has many essential nutrient elements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Quercetin. All these ingredients are proved to be effective against viruses and colds. But Z-Stack doesn’t have enough certifications that support it as a cure to viral attacks. Despite having no certifications, Z-Stack is gaining popularity day by day.

Z Stack Vitamins

Features At a Glance:

  • Promotes overall immune health
  • Scientifically formulated for best results
  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher certified
  • GMP Certified

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Ingredients available in Z-Stack? 

Ingredients available in Z-Stack
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Z-Stack contains quercetin, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 according to the product details. We examined the proportions of each of the components in Z-Stack for potential safety and immunologic benefit since the particular constituent combination of Z-Stack is not investigated yet in a medical trial.

Below we will discuss the nutrient ingredients of Z-Stack. We will discuss their importance and effectiveness against virus attacks.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C
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By taking Z-Stack you will get 800 mg of vitamin C. Usually Sick persons take slightly higher doses (usually 1 gram daily) of vitamin C to mitigate the duration, risk and seriousness of colds in the cold season. Consuming vitamin C, on the other hand, is not that capable of preventing colds unless you are deficient. Some websites have advocated vitamin C pills can fight viral infections even better than colds. However, there is no clear evidence that shows more vitamin C than the appropriate daily dose intake (75 to 120 mg every day) has the ability to prevent virus infection, and medical researchers have not indicated that issuing a higher dosage of vitamin C to viral infected patients does have a significant impact.

When consumed in a balanced way, vitamin C is perfectly safe. But it might trigger burning of the heart, dysentery, and other problems. Adults, on the other hand, do have a tolerably high level of daily intake of 2,000 mg of vitamin C, which includes intake from fruits, drinks or beverages and foods

Taking Z-Stack might get dangerous for people who already get a lot of vitamin C from their food or drug supplements. An extra amount of Vitamin C could be too much for them. As it can escalate many side effects like kidney damage or kidney stones.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D
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Every single unit of Z-Stack has 125 mcg of vitamin D3. This is a bit alarming, as it exceeds the daily dose (600–800 IU) and the appropriate daily dose for vitamin D (that is 4,000 IU for a healthy adult). The danger of health hazards increases above this level, including the danger of hypercalcemia (excess level of calcium in the blood), which might cause troubling bowel movement, weakness, loss of appetite and kidney problems.

Vitamin D can effectively deter colds and breathing and other respiratory problems in people that don’t have enough vitamin D in their blood, as per research. But Vitamin D add-on pills are not that helpful in treating colds for persons who have appropriate vitamin D levels. Blood with low vitamin D levels relates to a higher possibility of viral infection, thus vitamin D add-ons have sparked interest as a way to minimize these risks. As per initial research, supplementation of Vitamin D prevents viruses, especially for the people with low levels of Vitamin D. But Z stack could increase the risk of getting caught by viruses, especially for the people who have high levels of Vitamin D.


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Z-Stack contains 30 mg of zinc per serving (from 130 mg of zinc sulfate). Most people would not be benefited from having zinc unless they have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is relatively common in the elderly, vegetarians, and people who take certain drugs. Taking zinc (e.g., 20 mg per day, per pill of Z-Stack has the same amount of Zinc) might actually improve the immune system and can minimize the risk of respiratory difficulties in such individuals. Although zinc capsules have been shown to minimize cold symptoms, it appears that effectiveness needs an appropriate amount of zinc (as zinc gluconate or zinc acetate) taken as a capsule so that it would break down in the throat, where it is thought to play a role with direct effectivity — not as a pill/capsule, as in the scenario of zinc capsules.

Apart from mild stomach irritation as well as an unpleasant taste, zinc capsules have almost no bad impacts. The zinc amount in Z-Stack, on the other hand, is similar to the highest tolerable Daily Intake Level for zinc, which is 40 mg a day. Too much dose of zinc can react with copper absorption, leading the immunity to be weakened and other harmful impacts. As a result, if you take a 40 mg or higher dose of zinc daily, you also must take some supplement of copper (around 1 to 3 mg each day), that Z-Stack does not contain.


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Each serving of Z-Stack includes 500 mg of quercetin. although scientists have proved that quercetin might help mitigate cold and respiratory infections. But there is uncertainty if it helps to fight cold or not. It is not clear also if the quercetin pills prevent or provide treatment for virus attacks or not. There is also uncertainty about the proper dosage.

Stomach upset, mild nausea, headache are the side effects of quercetin. Eating foods that are full of quercetin can help to minimize the GI side effects. Certain statins, estrogens, methotrexate, midazolam, thyroid hormone, ibuprofen, and other medicines, estrogens, methotrexate, thyroid hormone, certain statins, ibuprofen and others may be impacted by quercetin.

About Z Stack for Kids

Z-Stack protocols are also thinking of launching a new medic, especially for kids. Dr. Zelenko is about to release the Z-Stack vitamin in the form of gummies for children, which could prove to be useful in the prevention and treatment of Virus Infection in children.

Although the primary ingredients are the same as for adults, the quantities of each ingredient for the Z-Stack for Kids are unknown.

The price for Kids Z-Stack is also $55 a bottle (90 gummies).

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Features of Z-Stack for Kids:

To know about Z-Stack for kids we need to learn about its basic features of it. So, Let’s have a look at some basic features of Z Stack for kids.

  • The whole package is designed specially to attract kids. The bottle or canister and the pills are manufactured with a customized design for kids.
  • The pills have a customized gummy bear-shaped design that will make the kids love them.
  • The pills have added flavors in them so that the kid can swallow the pills willingly with joy.
  • Each pill has a lower level of ingredients than the usual pills making it suitable for kids.
  • The protocol is certified by GMP
  • This medicine is also certified by Kosher

Appropriate dosage of Z-Stack kids

You may have been wondering that maybe one pill is enough for a kid of any age level. But that is a Big No for the user as it can be hazardous for kid health. There is a precise indication of how many pills you should give to your kids per day. This instruction is stated by age limit.

Kids who belong to the age of 3-6 years should have to consume 1 pill per day

kids of 6-9 years have to have 2 gummy pills a day

For the older age limit of 9-18 kids, the dosage is a bit higher. They should have to take 3 gummies per day.

Pros & Cons of Z-Stack

Z Stack Vitamins
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There are both pros & Cons of Z-Stack. They are briefly discussed below.


  • Z-Stack contains core important nutrient elements
  • Elements of Z-Stack are capable of fighting against viruses
  • It is enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin D
  • The ingredients are able to boost immune system
  • The ingredients enhance metabolism


  • The ability of Z-Stack is not yet proved by the Health Administration
  • Physicians or Experts have warned about the adverse effects of Z-Stack
  • Ingredients of Z-Stack might trigger many sides effects

Price of Z-Stack

Price of Z-Stack
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Z-Stack will cost you approximately $55 for a package of 60 pills.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Z Stack

Frequently Asked Questions about Z-Stack
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Many people have searched for Z-Stack protocols on search engines. They have loads of questions and concerns regarding Z-Stack. So, I think their queries need to be answered. That’s why here in this section of this article I will answer a few of the FAQs that were asked by the internet users about Z-Stack.

What is a Z-Stack protocol?

Z-Stack is a combination of nutrient ingredients that is claimed to be successful in preventing viral attacks. The nutrient elements of this protocol medicine include Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Quercetin.

What are the main ingredients of Z-Stack?

The main ingredients of the Z-Stack protocol are Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. These ingredients are present in an appropriate ratio in a pill of Z-stack.

Is Z-Stack safe?

Although the safety and effectiveness of Z-Stack against viruses are not certified yet. But mass people, even some celebrities have vouched for the Z-stack’s effectiveness. Plus, it is proven that the main ingredients (Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3) in Z-Stack are capable of fighting against colds and a few viruses. They are also proved to be effective in breathing or respiratory problems

Is Z-Stack a certified medicine?

No, Z-Stack is not yet certified by many standards and organizations. It is not certified by the FDA. But they have been certified by GMP although they are not proven to be effective.

What is Z-Stack kids? Are they really safe for the kids?

Z-Stack kids are updated versions of the main Z-stack but they are specially designed and customized for kids. This version will be launched in 2022. The ingredients of Z-Stack are in a suitable ratio on every pill of this version. So, it can be said that the version has been updated for kids, but it is not ensured by medical studies that it will work or not.


Z-Stack is an immune booster. But there is proof that Vitamin C boosts the immune system.

There is no evidence that Z-Stack is an immune booster. But there is proof that Vitamin C helps the body to fight colds and flus. This Vitamin C is the core ingredient of the Z-stack. The portion in this protocol is marginally little than the amount that is proved to be helpful.

If you have low levels of vitamin D or zinc, Z-Stack might aid, even though the levels of these components in Z-Stack are larger than the appropriate amount required to remedy a slight deficit. There is no conclusive proof that the quercetin in Z-Stack aids immunity.

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